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Konstantin Itskov

Co-Founder & CTO of FINDMINE

"Krista was tasked with working on the user experience and interface for FINDMINE's internal management tool which allows fashion stylists as well as technical fashion administrators performs operational tasks on the FINDMINE's system. She has done an amazing task at understanding how to blend both the interactivity experiences of both stylists and administrators. She was successfully able to understand and distinguish the separate use cases and incorporate both within one interactive tool. In addition, with her eye for design she was able to also make the interactivity look great and further deliver an experience that is both useful and synthetically beautiful."

Michele Bacharach

Co-Founder & CEO of FINDMINE

"Krista did a UI/UX project for FINDMINE. I was impressed at her ability to quickly pick up on nuances of our user experience and create amazing UI solutions to tricky problems. She was kind and thoughtful and a pleasure to work with!"

Dr. Aaron Bulleigh

Green Country Dental Arts

"Ms. Feierabend's enthusiasm, skill, and work-ethic were evident from the moment we hired her to help us develop a new website and marketing materials. These qualities made the entire process smooth and efficient throughout. Her creativity and ideas were invaluable in helping us create a website that was both informative and easy to navigate for the consumer. We highly recommend, Krista, to anyone considering hiring her. You will find what we did, that her attention to detail and competence with the technology are fantastic and that she is excellent!."

Leigh Hansen

Owner, Remedy Massage Therapy, P.C.

"I hired Krista to help our company with a "brand refresh" and she has done it brilliantly! She transformed our website and logo with speed, accuracy and a beautiful new design. We've had a spike in traffic and great user response! I highly recommend her work."

Rachel Truong

UX Designer

"'Ridiculously versatile' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Krista. Krista and I worked together on redesigning FindMine’s admin interface page where she was responsible for research, feature ideation and the lead UI designer to say the least. Not only is she masterful in visual design, Krista has the tenacity to keep the group on task when the meeting gets too technical, especially, tense. Any team would be lucky to have her and I’d love to work with her again in the future."

Lana Dai

Product Manager & UX Designer

"I had the pleasure of working with Krista on a UX project where we designed a new feature for an existing product by researching users and understanding their needs and pain points. I have to say that it was wonderful working with Krista. She was communicative and has a strong work ethic. From research, to wire framing, prototyping and testing, she has the entire UX process covered."

Will Funk

UX Researcher + Product Designer

"Krista was an absolute joy to work with. We collaborated on a 3 week design sprint for FindMine at General Assembly, and I was continually impressed by her ability to deliver quality visual design assets quickly. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a great work ethic. I recommend Krista for her UX skills."

Ebenezer Gavieres

UX Designer

"I had the pleasure of working with Krista on a group project at General Assembly. Over the course of 2 weeks, she amazed me with her extreme attention to detail, willingness to cooperate, and supreme visual design skills. I cannot stress this enough when I say her visual design skills are significant. She also gives her undivided attention and provides supportive insight with her critical thinking skills throughout the project. Krista is a sweetheart and lights up the room with her positive attitude. Krista would be an asset to any organization or team in need of a UX Designer."

Jen Barja

Client Relationship Manager, Pfizer Inc.

"It’s rare that you come across outstanding talent like Krista. I had the pleasure of working with Krista at Pfizer, where she was a graphic designer. Her ability to juggle multiple time sensitive projects made a great impact on our team's productivity and client satisfaction. Aside from being hardworking, she is a lot of fun to work with. Krista would be an asset to any team."

Michael D. Wolf, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Castle Connolly Graduate Medical Publishing

"Krista has been half of an expert team for the past 30 months that has taken medical content in Word and created print-optimized digital files for our printer and web partner. She has mastery over Quark and Photoshop, which we use on our older content, and CS2, which we use on newer content, and can be relied upon to turn out excellent final product. I am happy to recommend her!"

Tara Rolandelli

Graphic Designer, Castle Connolly Graduate Medical Publishing

"Krista is able to manage multiple tasks with the same degree of priority, pays close attention to detail and is an impeccable designer as well as a pleasure to work with."

Sarah Herndon

Medical Editor + Proofreader

"Krista is an excellent graphic designer. She is a great colleague in our work together at Castle Connolly. Krista is able to work on numerous projects simultaneously while maintaining a high level of quality. I know that I can always rely on her to communicate openly with me, with efficiency and a positive attitude. I highly recommend Krista."

Marcie Samartino

Office Manager, Castle Connolly Medical Lltd.

"Krista is a professional and talented graphic designer and has worked with us in the layout, editing and publishing of our books. She is a team player and gets the job done."

Kristen Potaznick

Corporate Communications Manager/Executive Administrator at QualTek USA, LLC

"I have used Krista's expertise for numerous projects over the years, each has been better than the next! She has done photo restoration, invitations, and logo design to name a few. Her professionalism, creativity, attention to detail are all on point. I would highly recommend her for any graphic design project you may need help with."

Kathryn Montano

Pinecrest Lutheran Leadership School Dinner Dance Fundraiser Chairperson

"For the past three years Krista has volunteered her services to create publicity paraphernalia for a fundraising event that I host. She has always been wonderful to cooperate with, incorporating ideas that I’ve had and issuing her own creativity and expertise to turn out professional work. Krista has always completed her work in a timely fashion and I am consistently pleased with the end result."

Helio Takai, Ph.D.

Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory

"I have met Krista Feierabend in the summer of 2003 when she was an intern in our laboratory through the DOE-PST (Pre Service Teacher) program. Although initially I was reluctant to take upon a graphic arts student, my opinion changed quickly when Krista started to work on our web site. Using her expertise to produce posters and drawings explaining our experiment to a wider audience was the right thing to do. Two of her posters, one explaining the anatomy of a cosmic ray shower and the cosmic ray experiment are considered two of the best ever made in the Physics Department. Both have impeccable presentation and communicates the science that we are aiming at. During the internship Krista demonstrated initiative and an incredible sense of group work. Although I am certainly not the best person to judge her artistic abilities, I can comment that her sense of aesthetics and composition are nothing short of an experienced professional. The challenge for her in the internship was to put on paper a difficult science subject where little or no examples existed. The outcome made us very pleased and it was a clear demonstration that any science endeavor has a lot to gain involving people of her caliber. I was very pleased to see her professionalism in conducting her work; always asking for input, listening to suggestions and criticisms. These are rare qualities in young professional. Krista has many qualities but her enthusiasm, positive attitude, and keen sense of humor makes working with her a real pleasure. She is the type of person that will contribute greatly in any group that she participates, especially making the group function in harmony. I have confidence that she will meet any challenge she will encounter because of her persistency and creativity."

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