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Yale New Haven Health - Kiosk


Yale New Haven Hospital, Park Avenue Medical Center located in Trumbull, CT has requested to update their current physical directory signage to a digital interactive display. Because of the frequent changes in departments, department locations and physicians a digital directory which would be able to be maintained by the YNHH staff and cause less confusion by that patients who are trying to get to their appointments.

Current wall signage at Park Avenue Medical Center



Patients have difficulty finding their way around the complex floor plan at the Park Avenue Medical Center.



  1. Users should be able to approach kiosk and view physicians/department by suite without having to interact with the display.

  2. If user interacts with display they can view "You Are Here" on map and other locations / points of interest on map.

  3. If user interacts with display they can get more information about location / doc (future pending data).

  4. ADA compliant for patients who are in wheelchairs




A custom CMS needs to be created in order for YNNH staff to input new physicians, edit physician information and delete physicians. 

Setting up kiosk location also needs to be accessible from the CMS in order to have correct positioning from the various kiosks positioned throughout the facility.


Due to positioning information any data regarding departments needs to be addressed by Connexient Developers. 


There are two buildings that are connected that make up the Park Avenue Medical Center. The layout of the buildings were a bit confusing as they both have three levels in each wing, but one of the levels takes up two floors. So figuring out how to arrange this so the users were able to know which building and floor they needed to be on was a bit tricky. 

The first design was separating each building and the departments and having a tab on the top for the user to switch between floors. Each Suite had the department and all of the physicians listed. Each building panel was able to be scrolled separately. Same concept for the screen on the right, however a full physician listing would be available on the right side if users just wanted to look up their physician instead of trying to figure out which department they were connected to.

The second design was still separating each building and the departments. This design has the Floor selector at the bottom for users who are in wheelchairs making this design ADA Compliant. Up and Down scroll buttons were also added. The physicians were also added to the department and suits so everything was visible at one time.

Continuing to iterate I just didn't think this approach was working. I consulted with the client and asked specific questions about the user's pain points while trying to make their doctor's appointment on time.


  1. What specifically do they need that they aren't getting from the current signage?

  2. What is the demographic of the people who mainly visit this medical center?

  3. Where will the kioks be placed in the building?

  4. What do patients usually look for when trying to find their doctor's office?
    • Is it the department?
    • The suite?
    ​• or just their doctor's name specifically?

In addition, I conducted a usability test, provided tasks for the patients to perform to see which design was the best user experience for them.


From the feedback I received is designed a complete revamp and made one general listing. The departments and physicians were mixed in one big listing. The suite, building and level were all visible at the same time as well as an image of the map. I conducted a second round of testing and unanimously the final design was the most desired.

From the home screen, the user is able to tap on a department or physician to view the profile information.

From the home screen, the user is able to tap on a department or physician to view the profile information.

A Department profile has a listing of the physicians within that department. User can select their physician to receive more information about then and where they are located within the building.

A Physician profile consists of the physicians, name and location information as well as maps showing where the user is currently standing and where the physician is located within the building.

In addition to the front end interactive kiosk there as also a back end CMS created for the STAFF at YNHH to add physicians, actives and events in the conference rooms, edit physicians, etc. A kiosk setup is also included as each kiosk on-site needs to be set up so that the routing is consistent from the exact location from where it is located.

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